These celebs transformed their looks -- with only makeup

8 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

These celebrities transformed their looks -- but they did not do it through plastic surgery, only makeup.

On the March 10 episode of SBS’s variety show Surprise Contest Stocking, an ordinary-looking woman explained a makeup strategy called highlighting eight points and playing down six points.

Singer Lee Hyo Ri was born beautiful but is also known for her trendy makeup, often initiating a trend herself.

Her face with little makeup on rather accentuates her innocent appeal with her naturally beautiful eyes.

However, with full makeup, including dark eye shadow, she displayed a sharp “V-line‘ face as if she’d had cosmetic surgery.

In addition, Lee’s makeup gave her face a more three-dimensional look thanks to highlights on her forehead and the bridge of her nose.

Such a highlighting helps give the nose sharper definition and makes the forehead look rounder and smoother as if it had gotten a Botox injection.

Singer IU, who was once embroiled in a controversy over plastic surgery, calmed the controversy by posting an “imaginary makeup‘ photo.

The photo shows that with the right makeup her eyes can look far deeper and larger.

IU made her eyes look higher by applying a dark shadow on the relatively low bridge of her nose.

In addition, by applying wide diagonal swaths of blush, she made her jaw line look sharp and slender.

T-ara’s Ji Yeon made up for the flaws of her face with heavy eye makeup.

Drawing her eyeliner long and upward and highly curling up the eyelashes and applying heavy mascara help make the relatively narrow space between her eyes look wider.

Model Jang Yoon Ju and Singer Kwon Ri Se made their eyes look as though they had double eyelids, giving them a specially beautiful look.

Jang makes the eyelids look double with skillfully applied shadow and eyeliner.

Kwon Ri Se, one of the sensational contestants on MBC’s singing competition show Great Birth, made her typical eyes without double eyelids look deeper with special eye makeup.

Moreover she presented sexily appealing lips by applying velvet lipstick in such a way that it made her lips look as though she had had collagen filler injected.

View the gallery below to see stars without makeup and other makeup transformations.

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