These 2 Chinese stars look eerily similar after rumoured plastic surgery

26 April 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

Recently, there has been reports comparing Kay Tse (謝安琪) to Fiona Sit (薛凱琪), in which their physical appearances and singing styles were said to be similar. Rumored to have gone under cosmetic surgery procedures, both women’s faces became more slim and morphed into perfect oval shapes over time. A side by side comparison of their current photos revealed a shocking resemblance between Kay and Fiona.

Kay’s husband, Louis Cheung (張繼聰) avoided the embarrassing issue, and said he preferred Kay’s looks, reports Popular Asians.

Fiona Sit’s Transformation

Since her debut, 33-year-old Fiona Sit’s feature have become more sharply defined. After a trip to South Korea in April, Fiona returned to Hong Kong with sudden eyelid puffiness. Her skin sensitivity required treatment with steroid cream. Aside from key film promotions, Fiona was rarely spotted in public in early April, claiming that she had to deal with her face ailments first.

Kay Tse’s New Face

Thirty-nine-year-old Kay Tse’s face has undergone significant changes as her music career became more successful. Aside from getting braces to achieve a more perfect smile, Kay’s eyes were widened and a slimmer jawline appeared. She also reportedly received breast implants in 2009, as her bustline went from a 32A to 36C size. With new confidence in her figure, Kay has taken on a more glamorous image and often flaunts her hourglass figure at stage performances.

Louis Cheung Prefers Kay Tse’s Beauty

At a celebration banquet for Gilded Chopsticks <食為奴>, Kay’s husband, Louis Cheung, was asked about the reports. He found the comparisons between Kay and Fiona to be amusing, and said he does not think the two women resemble each other. Pressured to reveal whom he thinks is more beautiful, Louis exclaimed, “Both of them have their own gorgeous features, and my wife also really likes Fiona Sit as well. [I] don’t think about looks. It’s more about inner beauty.”

Of course, Louis ended up choosing Kay for being more “his style”. He said, “Obviously, I like my wife’s type more. A man’s hormones changes after marriage. Even if I do come across a beautiful woman, I would not compare her to my wife. I asked my son, and even he said his mother is the most beautiful woman in the world!”

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