There's something different about Elanne Kong's face, say critics

18 October 2013 / 3 years 1 week ago

Elanne Kong's appearance at the inaugural Golden Wau Awards ceremony in Malaysia on Tuesday night (Oct 15) has got people talking due to her nose looking different from before.

According to a TVB News World article that cited two Hong Kong media reports, suspicions that Kong had went under the knife arose after critics felt her nose seemed to be straighted than before.

The article also carried two pictures of Kong -- one of her before her public appearance on Tuesday night and the other at the awards ceremony itself.

What do you think? Did Elanne Kong really go under the knife, or is it just a cheeky case of camera angling gone wrong?

Check out the gallery below to do your own comparision, and find out about other celebrities who are said to have gone under the knife.

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