There's only one factor that will make Christopher Lee act together with Fann Wong again

1 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

They enjoyed a stable acting career in Singapore, but chose to seek ventures elsewhere in Asia.

Over the past year, MediaCorp actors such as Shaun Chen and rising star Andie Chen left in search of opportunities in Taiwan.

And they are not the first to do so.

Local "Ah Ge" (Mandarin for big brother) Christopher Lee took the lead when he signed with leading regional entertainment company Catwalk Production House in 2011 to expand his career beyond Singapore and Malaysia.

And the local star has got his hands full since he signed with Taiwan's top talent agency, shuttling between Singapore, China and Taiwan for his acting projects, reported The New Paper.

Having spent the past month in Singapore filming local movie Filial Party, the Malaysia-born, Singapore-based actor jets off again to China today to continue filming for Chinese television drama series The Condor Heroes (2014).

The show, which also stars Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen and Chinese rising star Chen Xiao, sees Lee playing the supporting role of highly skilled martial arts pugilist Huang Yaoshi.

For his latest local role as a good-for-nothing game show contestant in Filial Party, Lee piled on the pounds and weighs 80kg now.

He said: "This is the tough thing about being an actor. I need to be fat for one show and fit in another.

"This has got to my happiest role as I don't need to worry about my diet at all. Of course, (actress-wife) Fann (Wong) prefers it if I'm fitter and healthier."

Last year, the 42-year-old's stellar performance as the male lead in Taiwanese telemovie Forgotten earned him a Best Actor nomination at the Golden Bell Awards.

He lost the category to veteran Taiwanese actor Chan Chu Sheng.

Lee is currently on our small screens in the lead role opposite Taiwanese sexpot Tian Xin (above) in Taiwanese drama A Good Wife, which airs on E City (StarHub Channel 825) every Tuesday to Thursday at 10pm.

He has also been cast in a supporting role in upcoming war movie Wang Pai - starring Tony Leung Ka Fai and Lin Chi-ling - due next year.


Lee tries to be in Singapore at least once a month, even if he is filming overseas.Signed to MediaCorp in Singapore as well as Catwalk Production House which manages him in both Singapore and the region.


Married to MediaCorp actress and fellow Catwalk artist Fann Wong, 42, Lee makes it a point to chat with his wife of four years on FaceTime daily.


Lee is willing to try anything, except when it comes to reuniting with Wong on screen since they have starred together eight times before.

He said: "I will only act together with Fann if we get a very strong script, I wouldn't do so just for the sake of it."


Even though Lee is working in a predominantly Asian culture, he said that it can still be difficult to adapt to other countries at times.

He said: "As I go to different countries to act, I need to understand their culture, the habits of the people there, the accents... and learn to assimilate quickly so that I can fit in."


Lee also does not have one yet as he feels like he has not acted enough or challenged himself with enough different roles.

He said: "I have never emphasised winning awards as my ultimate goal. More importantly, I want to be part of a... memorable show which people will always remember me by."


With his increasingly high-profile repertoire, it seems like Lee has made the right decision of stepping out of his comfort zone.

Check out how the other actors who followed in Lee's footsteps -- Andie Chen and Shuan Chen -- by venturing out of Singapore to further their careers fared in the eyes of The New Paper's report.

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