There's no way to verify Yammie Lam's rape claims, says Eric Tsang

25 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Eric Tsang has responded to fellow actress Yammie Lam's claims that she was raped by two 'big brothers' from the film industry.

Speaking at a promotional event for reality show Miracle Audition, Tsang said that he has not located Nam yet and does not know her whereabouts, reported HkTopTen.

"I have met with the Performing Artist Guild, but we need Yammie to ask us for help," he said.

"Otherwise, I can't offer help. Privately, I have not been able to find her either."

Tsang added that he did not know how real the interview footage was as he heard later that she said that interview was falsified.

He said: "Currently, I have no way to confirm its (the interview's) authenticity because Yammie and I have had very little contact.

"I heard that she has moved to Shenzhen...her old phone number no longer connects."

When asked about Carina Lau's concerned over Nam and that she hoped he would provide assistance, Tsang replied: "Carina knows that Yammie and I are good friends.

"Actually, (Sandra) Ng Kwan Yu, (Margie) Tsang Wa Sin and I were all once her close friends, but lately we have had little contact."

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