There's a new Lulu in town -- and she's been called a 'Goddess' by some

6 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago
Move aside, Gan Lulu.

For there is a new model in town who dares to bare for the cameras. What's more, she shares the same name as the opinion-splitting Gan -- Lulu.

Meet Mou Lulu, who is also a singer having released a record before and has recently been taking the online stratosphere by storm.

Judging by her photoshoots -- which has her posing sexily in front of the camera usually in little to no clothing -- as reported on Tukang, it is fair to say Mou is looking to emulate her namesake's popularity, or infamy as some may say, by planting herself on a similar career path.
In fact, there have been reports of a video of her in the nude inside a bathroom circulating on the Internet, which was coincidentally how Gan Lulu rose to prominence.
No two beauties can share the accolade of being the hottest woman around, so who reigns supreme in your opinion -- Gan Lulu, or Mou Lulu? Share with us your thoughts in the 'comments' section below!
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