Is there a Lin Chi-ling curse that causes movies to flop?

25 June 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Lin Chi-ling the actress: Doomed to fail?From period action film The Treasure Hunter (2009) to TV drama Moon Lovers (2010) and spy thriller Switch, projects starring Taiwan's supermodel-turned-actress Lin Chi-ling either flopped at the box-office or got panned by critics.Why so? Is there a Lin Chi-ling 'curse'? RazorTV asks movie critics if it is fair to blame the failure of Lin Chi-ling 's projects on her. Related stories:Bad reviews for Switch: Andy Lau takes the blameLin Chiling's a 'flowerpot' after new movie -- guess why It's that bad! Taiwanese premiere of Switch cancelled 'to protect Lin Chiling' Andy Lau and Lin Chiling's Switch hit by negative reviewsWhy Lin Chi-ling had to apologise to fellow actor's wife The Lin Chi-ling 'curse' 

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