Thai celeb gets $29,000 for losing weight after netizens call her 'fat'

20 April 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

An online celebrity known as 'Alice' in Thailand was given $29,000 in cash for losing 7kg after netizens called her fat.

According to Coconuts Bangkok, Alice slimmed down from 65kg to 58kg, 11 percent of her body weight, by dieting.

Things do not end there for her however. If you think $29,000 for losing 7kg is a generous, you'll be jealous to know that She will be given another $12,000 if she can reduce another 3kg by June.

"Alice was cyber-bullied last month after a public appearance revealed she was “bigger” in person than people expected. Her fan boys felt wrongly deceived by the selfie angles and big boobs and perhaps tainted by the idea their object of lust 'looked bigger in person. 

Take a look at more images of Alice in the gallery below. 

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