Is Thai actress Poyd secretly married despite alleged relationship with Louis Koo?

19 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Transgender Thai actress Poy catapulted to fame thanks to her searing romance with Nick Cheung in The White Storm, as well as her alleged relationship with costar Louis Koo.

However, recently uncovered photographs suggest that despite her claims of being single, Poy is already married to her childhood sweetheart, reports via Jayne Stars. 

Though Poy only appears in a few scenes in The White Storm, the sensational headlines surrounding the 28-year-old beauty have pulled her into the limelight.

At a recent promotional event in Hong Kong, reporters seemed to focus more on her than on her co-stars, and staff members flocked around Poy hoping to take a photograph with her.

Poy gamely responded to the media’s questions with her gentle voice, until reporters produced photographs of her vacationing with a man in Paris.

The man is apparently Poy’s first love, Juskin, whom she married before she got famous.

A source revealed, "They got married long ago. At that time, Poy was an unknown, so when a man with pretty good qualifications accepted her, she grabbed on and didn’t let go!”

The couple reportedly enjoy a stable relationship, though Poy has continued to keep the marriage a secret in order to further her climb to the top of the entertainment industry.

When faced with the photographs, Poy awkwardly said, “My ex-boyfriend…”

After a reporter asked if she would go public with any marriage news, Poy said that would be a joint decision between both parties in the relationship.

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