Thai actress Nong Poy may reject intimate scenes with Louis Koo as it may frighten her parents

21 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Thai actress Nong Poy may turn down intimate scenes with Louis Koo for fear of frightening her parents

Actress Nong Poy may be dubbed as Thailand's prettiest transsexual but that means to observers from other countries.

However, she has managed to become widely known to the Hong Kong audience thanks to her role in the upcoming film The white Storm, in which she had a passionate kissing scene with co-star Nick Cheung Ka Fai, reported Ming Pao.

She may have received positive acclaim for her onscreen performances, but she has let in on the amount of pressure she has to withstand due to her being a 'second category woman'.

From changing her sex to joining showbusiness, Nong Poy never received any support from her parents.

Recently, she also broke up with her boyfriend due to her busy work schedule.

Thankfully, Nong Poy is a happy individual at heart, and able to deflect the negativity away from herself.

In an interview, she spoke about "sex photo scandal star" Edison Chen, and also proclaimed Nicholas Tse to be her dream lover.

She also spoke of her time spent working together with Louis Koo, who she was revealed to have a liking for.

When asked of her opinions to doing intimate scenes with Louis if they collaborate again in the future, she said: "I will have to think about that. I am afraid of frightening my parents. 

"Last time, when I shot the kiss scene with Cheung Ka Fai, I told my parents in advance."

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