Thai actress Janie Tienphosuwan is proud of her perfect body

20 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

This is the first time Janie Tienphosuwan has graced a magazine cover in a swimsuit. The actress wants to look at this from a health aspect rather than a sexy angle.She took 3 years to get this perfect body and wants the public to take her as a role model in their fitness regime. She denies taking these provocative photos to mock her bitter estrangement with “Hi-so Boy," reports Sugar-Daily.Here's an interview with Janie.We want to ask about your Image magazine shoot.I want to say this is about firmness. Is it sexy? Usually, swimsuit attire comes with sexiness already. I took this photoshoot because I think my body is ready. With me exercising for 3 years, I want the modern public to look at it as a model for their exercise routine. I want people to take care of themselves more. There has been a lot of changes. In the past, I didn’t really care about exercise. But my health is changing in a good way. Is it your first time in a swimsuit shoot?Yep, it’s my first time. Your pose is so provocative.I was determined to show how firm my body is because inside, it is all about muscles from the arms, to the legs and to the stomach. Will you do another swimsuit shoot?I will have to see.

How is the feedback?Everyone likes it. Most people said this really show firmness of my body. My exhaustion is forgotten with good feedback because I really want people to work out and take care of their body. Is this considered the most sexy photoshoot in your career?Yes, to me. Do you personally like this style of photoshoot?I like it but I don’t know about my mom. I don’t dare to ask her. How exhausted are you?This has nothing to do with my paycheck. My work out has more value so I don’t think about that. So you’re addicted to working out?A lot. In a week I would work out after I film. Like, 4 days per week and 4 hours per day. Did you take part in this photoshoot because you're single?It is not related. I took this a long time ago. I’m not doing it to mock anyone.

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