Thai actor-DJ Pakorn Lum breaks up with actress Jirantanin Pitakporntrakul

11 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: Bangkok PostActor and DJ Pakorn `Dome' Lum has broken up with his latest girlfriend, TV presenter and actress Jirantanin `Kusjung' Pitakporntrakul, but denies that a "third hand" was involved.Known for his angelic good looks and an eye for women, Dome grumbled last week that he was again being portrayed as the guilty party as news emerged of his fondness for actress Davika 'Mai' Horne, with whom he appeared in a recent Channel 7 soap.An netizen posted on the internet an excerpt of an Instagram exchange between Dome and Mai, in which Dome asked the actress out for a meal, and proclaimed: `I miss you.'Days before, Dome admitted he was having trouble contacting his girlfriend, Kusjung, after the pair argued.When news emerged that Dome had been exchanging sweet nothings with Mai on Instagram, he admitted the relationship with Kusjung had ended."Kusjung dares to dump angelic-looking Dome!" news reports trumpeted.While Mai was quick to deny she had helped break up the pair's relationship -- "We haven't seen each other since production on the soap ended" -- she also refused to rule out striking up a romance with Dome, should he insist on flirting with her."That's a matter for the future", she said.Not one to be left out, Kusjung promptly retorted: "Don't cite as matters for the future things that actually stem from the past", without referring to Mai by name.Dome, meanwhile, kept his fans guessing as he published images of himself wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt bearing a large letter M.That's not M for Mai, but M for Manhattan, insisted Dome, denying reports that in donning the T-shirt he was trying to send a message to Mai to hop on board.His fans, nonetheless, have left messages at his Instagram page saying Mai might be a good bet.Kusjung, meanwhile, has refused to say why she dumped Dome.However, such is Dome's history with women that even as she withdrew from his life, Kasjung saw fit to deny acting as a third hand between Dome and the woman he was seeing before she arrived on the scene."I didn't steal him away. I started seeing Dome shortly after his relationship with his last girlfriend ended", she said.

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