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26 November 2013
Text message offering Japanese adult star's 'special services' circulates in Taiwan
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A bout of controversey is brewing in Taiwan after a text message advertising the 'special services' offered to men by Japanese adult star Ai Haneda was circulated through a smartphone application.

According to a ETtoday report, the contents of the message claims that Haneda will be available for booking over a week in three Taiwanese cities -- Taipei, Taoyuan, Linkou.

Also, customers who secure an appointment are guaranteed to be serviced by the 24-year-old star herself.

A check by the news outlet revealed that an hour's worth of 'services'will set a customer back some NT$70,000 (S$2,950), though here was no confirmation that the person offering the 'services' who will show up that day is Haneda.

The news outlet also spoke to a popular reviewer of the adult film industry, who said that there may be some truth to this as there have been rumours of a similar deal some time ago.

When contacted, the Taiwanese police said that the actress and the prospective clients will be breaking the law if a transaction does go through, though only a fine will be imposed as punishment as this is not a major case.