Teresa Teng, Elaine Ng to Joan Lin: Jackie Chan opens up about love life

7 April 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

60-year-old Jackie Chan's autobiography 'JACKIE CHAN: OLD WITHOUT GROWING UP' is due to be released this month.

Many media outlets have documented excerpts Jackie Chan and Joan Lin's relationship from meeting to marriage, reports HK Top Ten.

Joan Lin was the love of Jackie Chan's life. When the shocking Elaine Ng Yi Lei affair happened, he made a severe mistake and one he was certain would end up in a divorce.

He did not expect Joan Lin to say peacefully, "You don't have to explain, you shouldn't hurt other people or let others hurt us. At any time as long as you need me and our son, we can immediately be there."

He was moved to tears and then immediately changed his will to give all of his assets to her. He grew to respect her more and more.

Jackie Chan in the autobiography described himself as a "thug" when he was young.

When he went on dates with Joan Lin he would always bring a big group of brothers, feeling that way, he would have quite a presence. When brothers praised Joan Lin, he even bragged that Joan Lin was after him.

He felt that he was able to be his real self with Joan Lin. When he was with friends, Joan Lin would be by his side. No matter what he said she would smile.

Yet at the time as their positions in the show business positions were quite far apart, outsiders did not look upon their romance favourably.

When the false news of their wedding spread, two Japanese fans committed suicide. Followed by that, Joan Lin became pregnant accidentally.

He decided to have this child and arranged for Joan Lin to spend her pregnant days in the U.S. He was busy with films and only flew to the U.S. when she was about to give birth.

Before then, they had a simple wedding ceremony at a Los Angeles coffee shop. He also admitted that he mistook Joan Lin for being with him only for his money.

Looking back he felt he was very immature. Her career at the time was red hot and she was very rich too.

In 1999 when Elaine Ng Yi Lei had a daughter, Jackie Chan said that the media reports at the time were like explosions. He wanted to call Joan Lin but did not know what to say because he had no explanation.

This mistake could not be made up for with just an apology. He could only think about divorce. In the end he called Joan Lin, she said, "I know you are very troubled, don't mind me I am fine, you first take care of your matter." As he listened, tears fell.

At that time he realized that he should try to understand her world more. Jackie Chan said, "I don't dare to say that my marriage with Joan Lin is the most perfect, but we cherish each other more and more. We will always be a family."

Jackie Chan talked about his son Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming)'s prison sentence for drugs last year. He said that he too made mistakes when he was young.

He said that he was not a good father but a responsible father. When his son was doing well he would educate him strictly. If he learned that he has made a mistake and fixed it, he would stand behind his son and get over the hard times together.

He recalled that when Cho Ming was very little he hit him once. At the time he was very harsh, as he picked him up and threw him onto the sofa.

Both Cho Ming and Joan Lin were stunned.

He felt very guilty about that and after thinking about it he never hit Cho Ming again. Later he bought a piano and a violin for Cho Ming, but Cho Ming was not interested. He realized that he could not force his own ideas on Cho Ming.

Jackie Chan also mentioned about his relationship with Teresa Tang Lai Kwan, saying that the break up was the best decision because their personalities were different.

Her recalled once that he was talking about scripts with his brothers. Tang Lai Kwan said that she wanted to see him.

After she arrived he asked her to take a sit. She just sat in the corner. He continued to discuss scripts. After over a hour she stood up and said that she had to leave.

Soon his phone rang. She said, "Jackie, I see that you don't need me. You should be with your brothers then." 

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