TEEN TOP hands out White Day candy to fans

15 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Say what you will about boy bands, they know their target audience well. TEEN TOP is giving their fans candy this White Day, the Japanese equivalent of Valentine's Day.Changjo uploaded a photo of himself holding candy and wrote, “Today is White Day. What do you think this is? #MissRight“. It ended up being candy that the members personally handed out for their fans. They all wrote personalized messages onto the candy and handed them out to fans that were waiting to see them at ‘˜M! Countdown‘˜.After they passed out the candy, Changjo tweeted photos of them writing and attaching messages and wrote, “Did you get the candy!? It’s small, but we wrote a message on every one of them! #MissRight“.The boys also took the time to reply to the fans’ mentions on Twitter for White Day as well.Actress Moon Geun Young also recently warmed the hearts of fans when she whipped up some homemade cookies for a fan meeting. Check out the pics in the gallery below.

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