Tea company finds perfect brand ambassador for Korea: SISTAR's Hyorin

22 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

On May 20, it was revealed that Sistar‘s Hyorin was chosen to be the new model for The Sun’s Mate Tea.

As the Sistar’s vocalist had been known for her healthy and fit body, Hyorin’s ability to promote the healthy drink is a no brainer, reports Soompi.

The promotional photos that were released by The Coca Cola Company, the company behind The Sun’s Mate Tea, showed the singer sporting a bright red latin style dress that complemented her beautiful tan skin.

In regards to the new model, a representative of the tea drink expressed, “Hyorin is a singer who’s tan skin and healthy body went well with the latin concept.

With summer’s arrival, we hope that Hyorin’s fit body icon may help encourage people to drink mate tea like water during the warm summer season.”

Mate tea is a well known drink in Argentina, Brazil, and other South American countries. Although not as popular in Korea, mate tea follows after coffee and green tea as the drink of choice throughout the world.

The Coca Cola Company’s The Sun’s Mate Tea drink uses mate tea leaves from Brazilian and Argentinian mountains, providing a fresh taste and smell.

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