Taylor Swift blasted for allegedly copying 2NE1's 'Come Back Home' music video

23 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

American pop starlet Taylor Swift was accused of allegedly copying 2NE1's "Come Back Home" music video after a fan noticed one too many similarities between that video and the star's "Bad Blood" video. 

Both MVs were filmed with a 'futuristic' concept, with costumes and props that appear eerily similar if placed side by side, reports allkpop.

The fan had uploaded several screen shots from both MVs, putting them right next to each other in the hopes that other people may see the likeness as well.

Several people had added their own two cents on the issue, including one user who commented, "I came here bc so many comments on taylor swift's bad blood mv said that her video is look like 2ne1 come back home mv, and yes i found taylor's mv is similar to this one btw this song is cool haha [sic]."

In any case, it appears the controversy is helping in that new fans are discovering 2NE1. YouTube comments include, "nicki and taylor's issue brought me here...2ne1 is slayin.", "Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" is definitely a copycat of this video I don't even know this group but their song is addictive as hell I love it! I hate when artist get ripped off shame on you Taylor well your director [sic]",

Another perosn wrote: 

"i dont know anything bout kpop but this song is rly good!!! +came here for the tswift shade and i have to say she copied almost everything from this vid. she needs to at the least credit them [sic]", "i came here for taylor swift shade and i don't know anything about kpop but this song is dope af", and more.

Browse through the gallery to see if you notice any of the similarities. 

Also watch Taylor Swift's music video here and 2NE1's vidoe here

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