Taxi driver hauled to court for secretly recording IU singing in backseat

24 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

In 2009, a taxi driver set up a camera and wireless equipment in his car and started to do live broadcasts of his passengers.

The driver would give advice to his passengers and even sing along with them while the camera fed everything live to the internet, reports AllKpop

As luck would have it, the 'taxi reporter' became the centre of attention when IU happened to enter his cab and sang a song in July 2010.

He said, "I didn't know it was IU who had entered the taxi and asked her to sing IU and Seulong's 'Nagging,' only to find out my passenger was IU.

"I was very surprised and felt like I had won the lottery."

He later received an invitation to IU's concert and even appeared on KBS2's 'Quiz Show.'

However, two people filed a lawsuit against the taxi driver due to suspicions that he was violating the Protection of Communications Secrets Act for filming without the prior consent of his passngers.  

They said, "Since he asked about our jobs and marriage plans, we replied, but he broadcast everything without our consent.

"I didn't know he was doing a live broadcast until I left the car."

The taxi driver said, "Regardless of whether it was wrong that I didn't tell them beforehand, the content was not stored as it was a live broadcast and some parts of the content were not delivered because the internet connection was lost."

However, on September 23, a judge of Seoul Northern District Court gave him probation for 2 years and a suspension of qualifications for 6 months (meaning he can't work as a taxi driver for the allotted time) for releasing the conversations without permission.

He is currently denying his guilt and appealing the decision. 

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