Tavia Yeung: 'I'm a spinster so I can't let others see my body'

27 January 2015 / 1 year 9 months ago

Artiste Tavia Yeung (楊怡) appeared in a spinster outfit at TVB city for the filming of new series Against the War of Tangxi (逆戰塘西).

One scene involved her character being drugged and then abducted, greatly allowing her to show off her TV Queen acting skills, reports Asian E-News Portal.

Speaking of the simultaneous action scenes, Tavia expressed that she would be extra cautious and watch her every step: "The men have many gun-shooting scenes."

Asked if she feared getting injured while filming, she responded: "If it's an accident, there's nothing that can be feared. We just have to be cautious once we arrive at the scene!"

Speaking of a scene where she had to reveal her back, Tavia smiled and said that revealing her back is her limit: "I am a spinster so I can't let others see my body. (Revealing your back?) That's already the limit!"

In regards to her plans for the lunar new year, Tavia revealed that she will be paying a visit to her boyfriend Him Law's (羅仲謙) home and asking for red envelopes: "Last lunar new year, I caught a cold so I had to go see the doctor.

Asked if she was visiting her boyfriend's home to meet his parents this year, Tavia said: "No need, we all know each other. But I will go around to get some red envelopes, I am not married yet, so I definitely have to get some now!

She also revealed that a few days ago, she traveled to Mainland for a ribbon-cutting ceremony as well as performed on stage with the TV King Roger Kwok (郭晉安); it's been such a fruitful year for her!   

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