Tavia Yeung and Him Law's unexpected response when asked about secret proposal

26 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Source: Asian E-News Portal

Tavia Yeung (楊怡) and her rumored boyfriend, Him Law (羅仲謙), attended TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2014 (TVB馬來西亞星光薈萃頒獎典禮2014) and took the same plane back to Hong Kong but left separately.

When asked about Him Law's successful marriage proposal, Tavia said: "Thank you for your concern and marriage needs parents' approval. I will get married someday but not now. That day is my sister's birthday and we go for a crab feast. I will announce when the day comes."

Him Law was nominated for supporting actor twice but lost to Benz Hui (許紹雄) this year.

Below the stage, he expressed intention of surrender and praised his acting was good with lots of popularity.

When mentioned about Tavia wearing a sexy outfit to attend the award, Him could not resist to praise Tavia but when asked about the marriage proposal, Him laughed and denied:

"Nope and it is only a rumour. (Any plans?) Plan to finish my work first. I will consider others until my career is stablised. (Both have career already!) Hope there is advancement.

"(Learn from Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) and propose?) Nope and it is a nomination only. (Requesting to be nominated?) What I mean is I am happy to be nominated."

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