Tavia Yeung accused of going for plastic surgery to look younger for Him Law

19 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Lacking confidence in her looks, Tavia Yeung (楊怡) has allegedly attempted various cosmetic enhancements to better match boyfriend Him Law’s (羅仲謙) youthful face.

Despite her repeated attempts to deny the gossips, Tavia is frequently accused of plastic surgery due to the changing shape of her nose. Apparently not yet satisfied, she allegedly sought additional treatments on her lips, chin, and skin in order to appear younger and more beautiful.

With a five-year age gap between herself and her boyfriend, local media speculates that Tavia may be threatened by her aging looks, made worse when standing next to Him’s eternal baby face. Because Him had earlier expressed that he is approaching the right age for marriage, some believe that Tavia is working hard to enhance her looks in order to remain attractive to Him.

Others also believe that she is making the cosmetic effort in order to take her career to a new level. Despite her TV Queen title, Tavia has yet to see opportunities beyond the Hong Kong TV market. With her TVB contract expiring this month, she is allegedly trying to upgrade her image in order to attract more bids and to negotiate better terms.

Although both speculations are probable, Tavia may simply be hiding a low self-esteem, reports an article on Jayne Stars.

Currently filming Qing dynasty drama The Paintings of Bureaucracy < 官場浮世繪>, the 34-year-old often comes to work in full make-up to avoid running into reporters with a bare face. A source said, “She cares more and more about her looks. Nowadays she must beautify herself first before meeting anyone. She becomes agitated when cameras are close-by, worried that reporters will capture her profile.”

Despite her cautious nature, Tavia was spotted with only light make-up as she headed to the studio set on March 12. Hesitant to show her face to the camera, Tavia initially tried to avoid reporters but later posed while facing them directly, seemingly trying to prevent any profile shots. She spoke little about her contract renewal, saying only that she still has at least one more series to film with TVB.

As for potential marriage plans, Tavia laughed it off as always, leaving the public to wonder whether she and Him will ever tie the knot.

Although cornered by the press to comment on reports that Tavia has upgraded her looks through plastic surgery, Him took the opportunity to compliment that Tavia is a beautiful woman instead and shot down the news as pure gossip. Him also attributed Tavia’s outstanding looks onscreen to TVB’s expert lighting crew.

Asked if he can accept his girlfriend undergoing plastic surgery, Him replied, “I don’t care about my girlfriend’s outer appearance; I only value her thoughts. It’s impossible that I don’t change in appearance when I turn 50 years old, otherwise it would be even scarier.”

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