Taiwanese star Jimmy Lin leaks photos of alleged iPhone 6

12 June 2014 / 3 years 1 week ago

Jimmy Lin posted photos of himself holding what he claims is the new iPhone 6 on his Weibo page.

Lin has previously posted images of himself with an iPad mini and iPhone 5c mockup that reflected accurate design specs ahead of the devices' releases.

Though it can't be confirmed for sure whether this is indeed what we can expect from Apple, it looks like these photos could be the most credible ones to date.

Along with the images, Lin confirms rumours of that have been circulating about the 4.7" screen whilst also noting that that antennas are still external.

The device is thought to be taller than the previous model with more rounded corners to improve grip.

French website Nowhereelse likewise published leaked images of the alleged new design this week, similarly showing a slimmer and more rounded handset.

Other rumours say that the iPhone 6 is expected to debut around September, with an even larger 5.5" model also reported to be in the pipeline.

If this speculation is found to be correct, here sayers are unsure whether that will make its debut at the same time or at a later date.

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