Taiwanese singer Canace Wu says she sees dead people -- and they pester her at night

21 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Canace Wu Yi Fan can see supernatural beings -- she's only pretending she can't.

In an interview with SPH Razor, the Taiwanese singer reveals that she ignores them so they would "stay away from her".

The 33-year-old say these beings like to pester her when she tries to sleep at night.

She said: "I would meet them in my daily life. For example, sometimes when I sleep, I can see a shadow following me.

"Sometimes I can sense them, and at other times, I can see them. For example, I can tell if it's male or female, old or young, or a kid.

"There are some playful ones who want to play and interact with you."

Canace then channels all her annoyance into writing songs like Get Lost in her fourth album, Save As.

Check out the gallery below for screengrabs of her interview with SPH Razor.

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