Taiwanese Model bounces into spotlight with game character cosplay

17 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: Rocket News 24

While we’re not sure if the iconic outfit of SNK character Mai Shiranui (player character in Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters series of games) is the most popular choice for female cosplayers, it has proved itself the most likely to get you attention‘”assuming you have the body to pull it off.

Taiwanese model Lan Fenghuang, also known as Mia, is the latest Mai wannabe to make it into the spotlight thanks to a series of self-shot photos that went viral in China, Taiwan and Japan.

It looks like Lan fits the physical requirements perfectly.

The photos below were posted to image sharing site TT Mop.

We were unable to find anything on the net confirming her age, so you’ll have to use your own judgment over whether of not you should feel guilty enjoying the pictures below.

Like we said before, the Mai Shiranui outfit demands a special kind of physique, which is probably why it seems to be the go-to cosplay of models.

Sexy Asian girl, revealing dress and a well-known video game character: it’s the perfect recipe for internet fame.

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