Taiwanese-Korean singer Bii's shocking gift from mystery fan: 200 condoms

20 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

His poster boy looks and impressive vocals have gained Taiwanese-Korean singer Bii legions of fans in Asia.

Since his debut in 2010, the 24-year-old, whose real name is Bii Shu-ching, has received countless gifts from them, reports The New Paper.

But there was one present, which was sent to Bii's workplace in Taiwan, that was particularly unforgettable.

In town to promote his sophomore album Come Back To Bii, the boyish-looking idol said: "Someone sent a carton to me anonymously, and when I opened it, there were over 200 condoms inside.

"I was quite shocked and initially thought it was a prank by my colleagues."

He said: "I have no idea why the person sent me that as a gift. We had a good laugh about it before my manager got rid of them."

Mandopop, Bii
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