Taiwanese idol Aaron Yan is no pretty boy

23 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: The New PaperTAIWAN - In this age of slick and overproduced tunes, Taiwanese idol Aaron Yan has bucked the trend to put out a solo album filled with raw, stripped-down aesthetics.Ditching his bubblegum, electronica dance roots, the Fahrenheit boy band member translates his inner sensitivities into poetic pieces on The Moment, his second Mandopop effort.So far, the bold, dramatic change has been a roaring success.Two weeks ago, The Moment topped Taiwan's premier G-Music Chart and iRadio chart, beating out heavy-hitters like Jolin Tsai and Yen-J.The 26-year-old singer-actor has finally proven to his detractors that he is no label-groomed, packaged pretty boy.Not only does he pen his own lyrics, he also showed the pop music industry that he does not need flamboyant, funky outfits to win over fans - in the latest publicity pictures, he's seen mostly decked out in a white singlet, strolling in a garden, or sipping oolong tea.In other photos, he sports the quintessential, classic Brit look, a la crisp shirts and lightweight blazers.During a webchat with Sina Entertainment last month, Yan explained his decision to channel simple, rustic charm."This time round, the last thing I wanted was for my attire to be an assault on people's senses," he told the webchat host."My fashion choices are relatable to the everyday man."Say, for example, you're in a cafe for breakfast and you happen to bump into me. You won't feel awkward because I'm wearing something you'd wear too."But if I was in one of my colourful, over-the-top Fahrenheit get-ups, it would definitely be both odd and intimidating for you."You'd probably be puzzled and think, 'Now, why is this dude even in a cafe?'"As for venturing into songwriting, it wasn't motivated by a need to show off his talent to others, stressed Yan."I didn't set out to tell the world, 'look, I'm a musician', I just wanted to share my passion for music. It doesn't mean that I'd become a full-fledged singer-songwriter one day," he said."I only write lyrics when I have a feel for something. Like the song Lonelier Than The Loneliest, it was actually born from my friend's story."While we were chatting, he remarked how sometimes, he'd feel extremely alone in a relationship, more so than when he was single..."Those emotions resonated with me deeply."In an interview with popular Chinese news portal 163.com, Yan rubbished recent reports about his ongoing rivalry with Fahrenheit team-mate Jiro Wang.Wang, 31, released his debut pop-rock album, What Are You Waiting For, two months before Yan released The Moment.The two were said to have fallen out due to a battle of viewership figures for their respective idol dramas and intense competition to secure commercial engagements.No need to act"There's really no need for us to put on a blatant display of closeness," said Yan."Must we show everyone our mobile phones to prove that we have been texting each other?"After entering showbiz, I've begun to realise that not everything is truthful. Lies and fabrications perpetuate our society."On the topic of ageing, he told Sina Entertainment that he feels "older" compared to his days in Fahrenheit."Growing old is actually a good thing," he mused."I used to be rather tactless when I was younger and I'd hurt others unwittingly."Although I still believe in standing up for what's right and speaking my mind, I've certainly mellowed in my tone."

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