Taiwanese celeb Michelle Chen share her simple beauty secrets

8 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

She might have glowing alabaster skin, but Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen's beauty routine is surprisingly simple."The only skincare product I use is moisturiser. I don't even put on sunscreen when I step out on my days off," the sun-loving 29-year-old confessed when speaking to The Straits Times.Chen is best known for playing schoolgirl Shen Chia-yi in the coming-of-age hit movie, You're The Apple Of My Eye, which earned her a Best Actress nomination at the 2011 Golden Horse Awards.She was here last month for the launch of Cartier's latest solitaire ring design, the Cartier Destinee.Chen also stars in the jeweller's latest instalment of short films about love, marriage and proposals that feature its bridal jewellery.Although her beauty ritual is simple, Chen says she looks after her skin by eating right."I stay away from spicy and salty foods, eat lots of collagen in the form of sea cucumber and chicken feet and drink the nutritious soups my mum makes," she says in Mandarin."On my days off, I don't wear any make-up."Chen, who is single, started out in the entertainment industry when she was 23.A graduate of the University of Southern California where she majored in marketing and fine arts, she harboured dreams of becoming a singer."But I was told that it would be easier to, start out as an actress first, then cross over to singing," she says. "I gave acting a shot, thought it was fun and continued to do it."The Golden Horse Award nomination and the Asia Rising Star Award she received at the Asian Film Festival in New York last year served as "confirmation from the entertainment industry which I'm thankful for", she says.Now that she is more established, with four movies and seven drama serials under her belt, she is turning to her first love, singing.Next month, she will release her debut album in Mandarin."I've been working hard on it since 2008. Some of the tunes are acoustic, while the rest have rock elements," she says."Fans will get to know the other side of me. I try to be as honest as possible in my songs, which I write to cheer myself up when I'm unhappy."Her dream marriage proposal must include a Cartier ring, she quips."But seriously, as long as he is someone I love and he's good to my family, he would be perfect."7 Things in her Bag1. BOTTEGA VENETA SUNGLASSESI bought this pair three months ago at an airport in Taiwan. I always look out for accessories with a retro feel. I think I look like Minnie Mouse when I put this on.2 CARTIER NECKLACEMy boss gave this to me last year. The rose gold is supposed to represent luck in love, white gold, symbolises health and yellow gold, wealth. I like that it is delicate and I can wear it every day.3 EAU DE CARTIER PERFUMEI like light, floral perfumes because they make me feel good but I always forget to spritz myself before I step out. So I take this around because it is small enough to fit in my bag.4 KATE SPADE iPHONE CASEThe polka dots on this case remind me of Minnie Mouse's outfit. I bought this in New York when I was there for Fashion Week in February.5 BOSE EARPHONESI love listening to music and I like to feel like I'm enveloped in it. I listen to Jason Mraz in the morning to feel relaxed and energised. At night, I listen to the soulful Adele.6 CHANTECAILLE LIPGLOSSI wear lots of make-up at work so on my days off, I prefer to wear just a simple nude or pink lipgloss.7 SCARFThis scarf by Taiwanese designer Chloe Chen was given to me by a friend. I'm afraid of the cold and I need this to keep me warm in air-conditioned places.

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