Taiwanese celeb Jimmy Lin poses with alleged iPhone 5C

17 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Taiwanese pop star, actor and former racing car driver Jimmy Lin is known for teasing yet released Apple products that he supposedly gets his hands on earlier than the rest of the world.

After the iPad mini episode, the multi-talented entertainer is back to tease with a photo of the next iPhone in the Apple line, reports The Straits Times Communities.

Entitled the iPhone 5C in this pictures posted by the actor, it is similar in appearance to what other leaked pictures of the product look like with its glossy-back and more round frame.

However, although it may appear to be real, it is unlikely that this is the real deal, especially since the new phone is slated to be named the iPhone 5S.

Logically speaking, why would a Taiwanese actor receive a real product before the rest of the world?

Confirmation of whether the product is real or not will have to wait till Apple releases the product in question.

Till then, check out the pictures below, from the actor's very own Weibo account.

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