Taiwanese actress-model Sonia Sui still gushing about Christophe​r Lee

6 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

She gushed about local actor Christopher Lee and his "deep sexy voice" six months ago.

And she's still gushing. Sexy Taiwanese actress-model Sonia Sui, who was in town for the grand opening of Bonia's boutique at Westgate shopping mall yesterday, described him as a "charming, mature and handsome man".

The 33-year-old stars opposite 42-year-old Malaysia-born Lee in the drama Notice From A Bachelorette, which will air in November.

When asked about Lee, Sui said: "When you get to know Christopher better, you will find that he is a big boy who is young at heart. He always makes everyone on set laugh and makes us feel happy."

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