Taiwanese actress changes her name to attract more luck

18 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

A name change was just what doe-eyed Taiwanese actress Chloe Wang Le Yan needed to boost her love life and career.According to an article in The New Paper, she was previously known as Cynthia Wang Xin Ru, but the 26-year-old changed her name last month to attract more luck in her life.In town for a photo shoot for the Denizen Fall/Winter 2013 campaign with K-pop idol Alexander Eusebio, Wang, who is also the brand's ambassador, said her new moniker has already brought her more commercial gigs in less than a month.The pretty singer-actress, who had gone to a geomancer to consult on her new name, told The New Paper: "Le means happy and bubbly in Chinese, which reflects my happy-go-lucky personality. Yan means pretty. This new name really suits me a lot."Wang, who said she has been single for a "very, very long time", also hopes to find a stable boyfriend after her name change.She said: "Career is still the main priority in my life. But of course, having a romantic relationship will be nice."

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