Taiwanese actress called Yammie Nam 'a diva' and assaulted her in public

19 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Yammie Nam’s unfortunate past was exposed when she admitted to past rape experiences in a video interview that surfaced in December.

Then, Yammie apparently confessed that she was raped by two men in the industry, which the media and her close friends claimed had contributed to her mental instability and downfall in the last decade.

Though Yammie refused to reveal any more details to elaborate on the incidents, and subsequently turned down future interviews, reports surfaced earlier this week that Yammie actually had another terrifying sexual assault experience, reported Jaynestars.

An inside source revealed details of Yammie’s sexual assault incident years ago,“Yammie was fine that day, but after shooting that particular scene in the studio, she returned to work the next day looking really dark. A friend brought her to the canteen to discuss about what happened, and then Yammie started yelling at Mr. C, who had groped her.”

Reportedly, Yammie and Mr. C, her costar, were shooting a rather intimate scene in the studios. It was said that the man groped Yammie’s private parts while the camera was still rolling. As Yammie was standing in front of the man, whose back was facing the camera, the rest of the crew members in the studio could not see what had happened. Yammie chose not to confront the man as she was afraid that no one would believe her.

The source continued, “But what made her really angry was that the man greeted her with a smile the next day as if nothing had happened!”

It was known that Mr. C had a girlfriend at the time of the incident, but he was not a very faithful partner. He often suggestively touched his female colleagues and flirted with them.

After getting “frozen” by TVB in 1988, Yammie pursued new acting opportunities in Taiwan, where she was cast as the female lead in the Taiwanese drama Life Long Pursuit <半生緣一世情>. Also starring Yang Ching Huang (楊慶煌) and Ti Ang (狄鶯), the period drama aired on Taiwan’s TTV in 1992. Yammie, who was already emotionally unstable at the time of filming, and did not get along with the rest of the drama’s cast members, particularly Ti Ang.

At a recent recording for a variety show, Ti Ang spoke about her filming experience with Yammie, calling her “insufferable and a diva”. She explained that Yammie was often late to work, keeping her costars’ waiting while she slept at the hotel. Yammie refused to comply with the director and crew’s suggestions.

Ti Ang then continued, angrily, “It was like this every day, always waiting for Diva Nam. Then one day, I snapped. I waited for her at the hotel. I saw her coming out of the elevator holding two large bags, and she looked rather dazed. I went over to her and kicked her. She fell to the floor. I was yelling at her and wanted to kick her again, but there were people watching. After all, I was just avenging for myself, not for them. So I left.”

Taiwanese netizens bombarded disapproval messages on various forums, exclaiming that Ti Ang handled the situation poorly.

They described Ti Ang’s actions as “savage and uncultivated”, with most agreeing that she should not have attacked Yammie. Others doubted Ti Ang’s claims of Yammie’s diva attitude, since Yammie was in Taiwan for work since she was blacklisted in Hong Kong at the time.

Though the public was upset by Ti Ang’s words and violence towards Yammie, Ti Ang refused to make a public apology.

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