Taiwan showgirl posts racy photo online -- and netizens only have criticisms

22 March 2015 / 2 years 3 months ago

A Taiwanese showgirl named Greta posted a series of sizzling selfies on Facebook on Mar 19 -- but netizens only noticed one thing odd about them. 

Covering up her important bits with her hands, FB users noticed her perfectly manicured fingers...and the tattoos under her F-cup breasts. 

According to ViralCham, netizens say that the tattoos look like markings made by surgeons when one is about to go for a boob job. 

Greta posted the images with the caption, "I don't know how else to show my new tattoos." 

Under her breasts are inked the words "Love Me" and "Please don't hurt me".

Other netizens have also commented on her choice to publish these raunchy photos: 

"If you're not famous, how much you 'show' also won't be famous."

Some are even harsher, "When you grow old, you need to lift 'them' up to see your tattoos".

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