Taiwan celeb chef reveals his secret to losing 30kg in 2 months

9 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago


Far from being a "studious, academic kind of student", Taiwanese TV chef and food show host Derek Chen became an apprentice at a Cantonese restaurant in Taiwan when he was just 16 years old.

The 31-year-old was in Singapore recently to promote his new travel food show, Cooking My Way.

Here is his interview with The Straits Times:

Has there ever been a time when you were not fit and fab?

Yes. Until I was about 15 years old, I was chubby.

At my heaviest, I tipped the scales at about 90kg and my waistline measured about 106cm.

Then, I joined the boxing club in school.

We had aerobic and anaerobic exercises and we underwent high-intensity physical conditioning.

It took me two or three months to lose 30kg. (His current weight is 73kg and he stands 1.85m tall.)

What do you do to keep fit?

Three times a week, I will exercise once or twice a day with each session lasting 11/2 to two hours.

I usually exercise alone as I have a tight filming schedule, especially if there are outdoor or overseas shoots.

If I am overseas, I try to set aside time to exercise in my room.

I do push-ups, sit-ups, leg lifts and, if time permits, I will climb the stairs at the hotel or work out at the hotel gym.

What is your secret to looking so fabulous?

Maintaining a positive mindset, exercising regularly and always making time for good food, which to me is all about fresh ingredients and cooking with sincerity.

I have a sincere desire to cook with love, so that everyone who tastes my food will be delighted and moved by it.

That's what I find most interesting about my work.

What is your diet like?

I am not particular about food and I am not a picky eater.

But I refrain from eating fatty meat.

I love my greens, especially the leafy ones. And I really love noodles too.

For breakfast, I usually have a bowl of braised pork rice, beef noodle soup or beehoon soup.

I have similar meals for lunch.

For dinner, I love to have more meat and greens.

If I have time for supper, I enjoy having hot and spicy steamboat.

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