Taiwan’s kawaii Weather Girls form girl group in Japan

28 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Taiwan’s adorable dancing meteorologist girl group Weather Girls have been a lot of things: Japanese school girls, ninjas and super sentai heroes.Now, Rocket News 24 reports that the Weather Girls have sent seven of their best to Japan to form a brand new idol group.While the regular Weather Girls program rotates most of its cast each monthーwe counted a total 34 girls over the past 2 yearsーthe idol group will keep the same 7 members: Yumi, Dara, Hijon, Esse, Mia, Mini and Nue.So can the Weather Girls stay afloat in a country already flooded with cute young girls dancing around in skirts? Some fans seemed concerned that their still-imperfect Japanese will hold them back, but like we said before, that’s one of their most charming points!

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