Taeyeon thinks she might be jinxing Girls' Generation's success

11 March 2014 / 3 years 3 months ago

Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon recently talked about a humorous jinx she believes she placed on Girls’ Generation songs. 

On March 8, Girls’ Generation went on a guerrilla date with KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay” and talked about their newest track, “Mr.Mr.” 

In the interview, Taeyeon talked about a humorous jinx she believes she places on Girls’ Generation’s albums, reports an article on Soompi.

She said, “When I receive title tracks, if I like them…they don’t tend to do very well. And when I think, ‘This song just doesn’t seem like the one,’ it tends to do very well.” 

Then Sunny asked Taeyeon, “What did you think about [Mr.Mr.]?” After a slight struggle with words, Taeyeon replied, “I liked it…” causing everyone to laugh. 

Taeyeon also talked about her impressions on two successful hits saying, “I didn’t think much of ‘Genie,‘ and I really wasn’t impressed with ‘Gee.’” 

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