Taeyeon in tears at airport -- once again apologising to fans for dating Baekhyun

27 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Girls' Generation member Taeyeon was in tears today as she apologized to fans once again, presumably for publicly dating EXO's Baekhyu, reports Jpopasia.

Girls' Generation was at the Gimpo International Airport getting ready to board a plane for Japan where they will be performing in concert.

Before boarding the plane, Taeyeon turned to fans, bowed her head and began crying and apologizing to them.

According to reports, Taeyeon pleaded for those in the crowd to spread word of her apology to other fans. Several fans immediately began relaying her message which spread quickly among netizens.

Taeyeon's latest apology comes after expressing her apologies on social media last week.

After news broke of her relationship with Baekhyun, the idols felt a sharp backlash from members their fandoms who felt betrayed by their relationship.

Taeyeon and Baekhyun have been accused of secretly mocking their fans over social media during the 4 months they dated in private.

Past posts were scrutinized for hints of their relationship, with some finding their secret messages to be disrespectful. There has been a sharp divide among fans over the idols' relationship.

While some vocal fans have expressed feeling hurt, many others, especially Western fans, have come out in support of the pairing and condemnation of fans who have pushed the two to the apologize for their relationship.

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