Taeyeon criticised for her unusual behaviour at airport -- but fans hit back

26 May 2014 / 2 years 5 months ago

The photo news about SNSD Taeyeon's behavior at an airport by a particular news site has been a hot topic and sparked much debate online.

On May 22, SNSD members arrived at Gimpo airport to depart for Japan, reports an article on Dkpopnews.

Members of the media were taking pictures of the girls' airport fashion as usual. However, they caught Taeyeon covering her face.

Afterwards, a particular article posted by one news site was titled, "Why is she the only one acting like this?" followed by a series of photos showing Taeyeon wearing a comfy dress looking fresh while covering and avoiding the camera.

Fans were quick to defend their idol by commenting, "You're shoving your camera with flashed on her face.", "How rude flashing their cameras to Taeyeon's face.", "Even a non-celebrity would be pissed of by these journalist.", "Don't start any issue from this.", and "Wow this article even made it to the top?"

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