Taeyeon apologizes for hurting fans who felt betrayed by her actions

20 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

After confirming her relationship with EXO′s Baek Hyun, Girls′ Generation′s Taeyeon apologized for not being careful and hurting fans.

Mwave reports that on June 19, Taeyeon explained on her Instagram account her side of the story as news of her relationship with Baek Hyun began to spread.

On June 19, one media platform revealed paparazzi photos of Taeyeon and Baek Hyun enjoying an open-car date. SM Entertainment, after refraining from saying anything for several hours, officially confirmed that Baek Hyun and Taeyeon were close colleagues but recently started having good feelings towards each other.

With the confirmation, fans reacted negatively as they felt betrayed, especially with Baek Hyun previously stating in an interview, "It′s not time to date yet." The anger grew when fans began to interpret Taeyeon and Baek Hyun′s Instagram photos in a new light.

Taeyeon wrote on Instagram:

"You were really surprised and hurt because of me, right? I′m so sorry for making you feel a way you don′t even need to feel. I want to apologize for today′s articles, which happened because I wasn′t being careful. I′m sorry for hurting you."

"I believe that you are all feeling very disappointed, angry, hateful, frustrated, dejected, and many other emotions," wrote Taeyeon.

"I can accept it all and I want to apologize. It might just be me, but because you liked me, trusted me, supported me, and made many efforts.

Regarding toying with fans through her Instagram photos, Taeyeon wrote, "′She enjoyed uploading obvious pictures on Instagram. She ridiculed the fans.′ There are many people who think this, so I really want to say this. That was not my intention at all and not my goal."

Taeyeon is the fourth SNSD member to officially confirm a relationship after Yoona, Sooyoung, and Tiffany.

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