Taeyang takes advantage of G-Dragon caught in deep slumber

31 October 2013 / 2 years 12 months ago

Big Bang’s Taeyang recently shared a hilarious video of sleepy G-Dragon dozing off in a chair.

On his personal Instagram, Taeyang posted the video below with the comments, “Poor G @xxxibgdrgn #hardwork #timetogotobed”. The video showed G-Dragon sleeping in his dressing room while Taeyang and other staff took advantage to capture the moment.

Many fans are showing great interests for such a rare look, while others showed worries for G-Dragon’s physical condition as well, reports an article on Dkpopnews.

Upon seeing the post, G-Dragon replied, “oh sh*t..” and “I’m tired I’m tired I’m tired I’m tired I’m tired I’m tired I’m tired.”

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