T-ara N4 respond to Chris Brown’s 'love call'

14 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

After Chris Brown sent a 'love call' to T-ara N4 last week, the girls flew to Los Angeles to join the rapper on the set of his music video.According to AllKpop, earlier today, one of the Sr. partners from the Popular Entertainment Group, All Around Entertainment Group, and others working on the music video, tweeted photos with T-ara N4.Recall, after seeing T-ara N4’s MV for “Countryside Life“, which Dani showed him, Brown invited the subunit to his music video filming.T-ara N4 headed over to meet him at Los Angeles immediately after their performance at the Dream Concert. In addition to visiting the filming set, they are set to discuss music-related topics during the visit.

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