T-ara N4’s Hyomin was a school gangster?

7 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

T-ara N4‘˜s Hyomin has recently shed tears during the May 6 episode of “Beatles Code 2‘ as she cleared up the rumors of her being a school gangster.About those rumors, Hyomin started off by saying, “It wasn’t to that extent.‘ She continued, “I hung out with friends who partied a lot but we never did extremely bad things like in the rumors,‘ and “There are rumors that I was violent towards someone, which was why I was forced to transfer but it’s not true.‘She added, “I actually wish that person who was supposedly assaulted by me would come forth.‘According to Soompi, she explained the reason for her school transfer by saying, “My mom had a lot of passion about my education and she just wanted me to go to a better school.‘Hyomin finally added, “I purposely didn’t talk about these rumors because I didn’t want to speak badly about my friends,‘ as she shed tears.Eunjung and the other T-ara N4 members spoke up about ex-member Hwayoung during the same episode of “Beatles Code 2.‘

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