T-ARA' Ji Yeon allegedly spotted on date with veteran actor 12 years older than her

6 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

There's a new couple in K­town, and you would be surprise to know who they are.

Firstly, the lady is a girl group member and the guy is one of the celebrated actors in Korea. The newest dating couple to be revealed is the 34­-year-old Lee Dong Gun and 22­year old T­ARA's Ji Yeon.

Their dating status has been uncovered after a photo of them surfaced online and began to spread quickly. The said snap was said to have been taken at a restaurant in Shanghai, China but when it was, was not known.

In the photo, Lee Dong Gun and Ji Yeon could be seen sitting close together. Ji Yeon was even holding the actor's hand and affectionately placed it close to her cheek.

They dined together but two other friends are with them at that time, reports Kpopstarz.

In connection with this dating rumor, an insider claiming to be close to the pair had given this statement on July 4th, "Lee Dong Gun and Ji Yeon became close and developed special feelings toward one another starring together in a Korean­-Chinese film collaboration entitled "Encounter."

They filmed it in May and began dating at once." Another insider commented on the rumor, "It's true that they are in a relationship. They got close after working in a film together. The pair is now 2 months in a relationship."

As Lee Dong Gun and Ji Yeon's relati onship is revealed, more and more people are getting interested because they have a wide age gap. To be exact, there's a 13­year difference between them.

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