Swiss-Filipino S'pore actress on how she lost over 30kg

14 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Source: The New Paper

SINGAPORE - As unfair and superficial as it seems, one obvious but unwritten rule of showbiz is that image is important.We're not talking fancy body-hugging clothes, six-inch Jimmy Choo footwear and a Prada bag to seal the deal.

It's that incredible bikini body that almost every television or theatre actress needs to have.

One person that stepped far away from that requirement was Fly Entertainment artiste Nikki Muller, who will star in local playwright Michael Chiang's upcoming play, High Class.

Before being signed by the artist management company, the 27-year-old Swiss-Filipino actress lived in New York where she worked at a non-creat
ive nine-to-five day job.

She struggled with emotional eating before she moved to Singapore two years ago.At her heaviest, she was 84.5kg.

"I even missed the fireworks on the fourth of July (America's Independence Day)."I lived in an apartment in a beautiful tall building, and the reason I missed it was because I couldn't climb up the stairs to get to the top," Muller recalled.

Although she declined to elaborate, Muller said a break-up in 2007 also contributed to her weight gain.

Muller briefly mentioned the incident but wasn't keen on going into detail.

She said: "I just started eating and eating, when I was angry or sad or even when, I was happy, I just ate a lot."It was incidents from my past that I didn't emotionally deal with that compounded (the weight gain).

"I used to be the kind of person who instead of feeling sad or angry during a low point, would just shut it off and move on, and it was back to business as usual."

As time went on, Muller realised one of the things she had to do was to leave her desk job to improve her life.

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