Suzy and Lee Seung Gi have the 'luckiest' facial features

12 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

During the December 11 broadcast of On Style’s “Get It Beauty”, the show talked about “physiognomy makeup” and invited an expert to analyse facial features of several celebrities and identify which one of the has the most luck.

Physiognomy expert Queeny selected Lee Seunggi and miss A’s Suzy as the celebrities with the best physiognomies, reports an article on Kpopstarz.

According to the expert, Suzy’s straight eyebrows wrap around her eyes, indicating a stable disposition. Her strong and wide round jaw signify good health and luck with bearing children.

Queeny then pointed out Lee Seunggi’s slight bump and shine near the eyebrows which brings out lifetime wealth and fame. His wide forehead and excellent complexion also indicates luck in youth and elderly years. The upward curl of his mouth also means that Lee Seunggi will easily achieve his goals.

Aside from this facial analysis, Queeny also shared makeup tips to increase luck in love and career. According to Queeny, the most ideal lucky face should have a ratio of 1:1:1 from the forehead-eyebrow area (luck in youth), eyebrows-nose area (luck in middle years), and nose-chin area (late adulthood). All five sensory organs should also be straight and the skin complexion should also be healthy and glowing.

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