Suspended TVB actress Sire Ma voices regret over her scandal online

2 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

TVB had frozen Sire Ma ever since her same sex relationship with Wong Tze Kei was exposed. During this calm down period, she frequently expressed her thoughts on Weibo.

Yesterday, she wrote with a tone of regret: "One day you will breakout and show your growth is much more beautiful than people expected, but this process will be very painful, difficult and sometimes you may feel disheartened.

"Facing the surge that comes from reality, I feel very minute and powerless, but this is also apart of life. Do the best of what you can do now, then, everything will turn good. We have to grow up alone, don't be scared, everything will start getting better."

Wong Tze Kei also wrote on Weibo, providing encouragement to Sire: "Lately there is chaos everywhere, but still must remind yourself to remain calm. I've been in this circle of work for 13 years, whether it's my mistake or the jealousy of others, looking around to find someone to rely on, but ultimately there is nothing I had a 'pack of rogues' on my back long ago.

"As it was said in The Grandmaster, men after 40 cannot go wrong as they wish. It looks like I will have to save up a lot of capital to go wrong before age 40."

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