Suria actress denies being third-party in Peh-Tonelli relationship

11 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago
As Qi Yuwu enters the Peh-Tonelli drama, another party finds herself caught in it as well.

Suria actress Nadiah M.Din was "taken aback" when she found out that she has been named as the third party in the Joanne Peh-Bobby Tonelli relationship.

Lianhe Wanbao reported on Saturday that an alleged third party was the cause of the break-up, and pointed to the 23-year-old Malay actress.

But the actress said yesterday that she is not dating Tonelli.

"I do have a boyfriend whom I have been seeing for nine months," said Nadiah, who had acted with Tonelli in Malay series Munah & Hirzi: Action! She did not disclose further details about her boyfriend except that he is not local and not in the industry.

Tonelli echoed her statement.

When asked if they were dating, he told The New Paper: "Not even close!" Nadiah stressed they are just friends.

"We do hang out in a group sometimes but that is all," she said.

She believed the rumours may have started because she was seated next to Tonelli at Malay awards show Pesta Perdana last month.

The pair were nominated in the same category - Crook Paling Terror! (Most Famous Villain), which she won.

"It was Suria which placed us next to each other," she said.

Nadiah said Tonelli had told her about the news on Sunday morning.

"I thought it was stupid and, ridiculous," Nadiah said.

When contacted, Tonelli, 37, said he told Nadiah because he felt she needed to know as soon as possible.

"I felt more for her because I know Nadiah and her boyfriend and thought she must know," he said.
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