Superstar K4’s final two revealed! + Top 3 finalist goodbye interview

18 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: allkpopOn the most recently episode of Mnet‘˜s ‘˜Superstar K4‘˜, Jung Joon Young was eliminated after the TOP 3 round, leaving Roy Kim and Dickpunks to duke it out for the first place spot in the final round next week.During his goodbye interview, Jung Joon Young stated, “Superstar K4 was the turning point in my music career. Before I tried out for Superstar K4, only those who liked rock music listened to my songs. However, now a more variety of people listen to my music and acknowledge me. I’m glad I got to make myself known through Superstar K4.‘As the moment he remembers most during his journey through Superstar K4, Jung Joon Young chose his last performance. He expressed, “I prepared really hard for this 6th live round and I think I did really well. I want to commend myself for that. I am satisfied with my final performance.‘He continued about what he would like to do most now that the competition is over saying, “As of now I want to rest. I want to go dance at a club and enjoy my free time. I really want my cellphone back. As soon as I get it back I’m going to call my mom first and foremost and say, ‘˜Mom, I don’t think I’m coming home tonight’.‘Jung Joon Young also left a message for the Top 2 contestants, Dickpunks and Roy Kim saying, “I’ll see you next week. Monitor your physical condition well.‘And despite his seemingly close relationship with Roy Kim throughout the show, Jung Joon Young chose Dickpunks as who he thought would be the final winner of Superstar K4.He explained his reasoning saying, “If Dickpunks wins, we decided to get a house and all live together. That’s why I want Dickpunks to win.‘Finally he concluded with a message to his fans and stated, “I’m here because of you guys. Thank you!“, and expressed his thanks.

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