Super Junior Sungmin's shocking announcement will break fans' hearts

14 October 2014 / 2 years 1 week ago

Super Junior's Sungmin, who has been confirmed to be in a relationship recently, will be marrying his girlfriend in December, reports Koreaboo.

According to people who know the couple well, Super Junior Sungmin (28) and actress Kim Saeun (29) will have a private wedding in Seoul at Yeoksam wedding hall “The RAUM” on December 13th.

The couple initially met during the musical “The Three Musketeers,” to which both of them participated as the main roles.

Sungmin’s representative said, "After a lot of thought, we have been informed that he has made the important decision to get married. The two have shown a loving image [as a couple] through their faith and support of one another. We are expecting much love and congratulations from the fans."

Kim Saeun, Sungmin’s future wife, had commented last year on SBS “Soulmate,” "I am a musical actress and a CF model. I have something to reveal. Since I have a curfew of 10:30, I don’t sleep late. The vacation that I am going on today is my first genuine vacation," expressing her happiness of her future wedding.

"I like someone who overflows with fighting energy, and someone who I can be happy and laugh with. And I also wish he is humble and loyal."

However, there are also reports, indicating that actress Kim Sae-Eun’s agency has denied the marriage claims.

“Kim and Sungmin are still dating, but the rumor of the two getting married is not true. Kim is currently focusing on her schedule as an actress,” Kim‘s agency was quoted as saying.

An official of the wedding hall reportedly told that the two have not made a marraige reservation.

“There is no reservation under the two celebrities on Dec. 13,” the official said.

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