Super Junior fans argue over funeral procession photos circulating online

11 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Super Junior fans from around the world have urged all K-pop fans not to upload or repost any photos from the funeral procession of Leeteuk's father and grandparents out of respect for the K-pop idol and his family.

Several notable Super Junior fan Twitter accounts have chosen to keep mum about the funeral to protect Leeteuk's privacy, reports The New Paper.

Leeteuk's grandparents were found strangled and lying side by side on a bed, while the father was found hanging from a wardrobe handle in the same room in what police believe to be a murder-suicide case.

Fan twitter account Blue World United (, which has more than 54,000 followers, tweeted: "ELF! Do not distribute photos and video from the funeral, please!!!! Respect & Protect him."

ELF, which stands for Ever Lasting Friend, is the official name of K-pop boy band Super Junior's fans.

Another Super Junior fan, Kathia Cabra, wrote on her Twitter account: "Stop posting and retweeting pictures, have respect for the Super Junior and (the) Park family."

This has led to heated online arguments between fans.

One fan, whose twitter handle is Misskpop123, retorted on Twitter: "I was just showing others what is being uploaded. I wasn't even entertaining people with the picture. What are you talking about..."

Fans are showing their support by sending their tweets of condolences to Leeteuk, whose real name is Park Jeong Su, using the hashtag #StayStrongParkJungSoo.

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