Super Junior’s Ryeowook, Lee Hyori and others vote for presidential elections

19 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: enewsworldSouth Koreans took to the polling booths today to vote and pick their next president with many stars exercising their right to votes as well. Super Junior’s Ryeowook tweeted on December 19, “Those who like Ryeowook please follow after me. I came to Incheon and now am heading back to Seoul. Let’s all vote. Be wary of catching a cold.‘Standing in front of his local voting center was Ryeowook in a winter jacket and red beanie. Son Dambi also tweeted from a voting booth showing the long line of people as she wrote, “I’m feeling good seeing so many people voting~ I voted with Heechul. Everyone please vote!‘One picture showed Son Dambi posing with Heechul after voting while another picture showed the long line to vote. B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk was also one of the many who braved the cold weather to vote as he tweeted this proof shot of himself bundled up outside his local voting center.He wrote, "Since many people are saying good things, I want to add something short to our teenage friends. I hope that this meaningful and proud right to vote doesn’t end as an event, but will continue with everyone becoming more interested in politics and society. A few years later, your right will be the biggest strength."Wise words, from a wise singer.Lee Hyori tweeted, “Voting finished!‘, and showed her wearing a black coat over a white top and wearing a cap and sunglasses. Byul tweeted a photo of her and husband Haha outside a voting center as she wrote, “Proof! As proud Korean citizens we gave our precious vote too ^^ I’m feeling good! Everyone go to vote! Go go!‘Park Shin Hye wrote, “I hope and pray Korea will become a place all its citizens can lead healthy lives. I hope you exercise your rights. I’m now headed to go film!!!‘Included was a picture of her in a black dress and scarf after she had voted.Kim Junsu tweeted from a practice session on December 18 as he wrote, “Our second rehearsal has now ended‘¦Thank you to the director and orchestra members who worked hard late into the night~^^‘Seated on a chair and facing the director of his concert orchestra, Kim Junsu was seen practicing hard for his upcoming concert in the pictures.Are you one of the many going to see Kim Junsu in concert?Big Bang’s G-Dragon tweeted a photo of himself on December 18 saying, “Just posted.‘The included shot showed a red-coat wearing G-Dragon in London as he played around outside with a giant ball.Would you play catch with G-Dragon?Park Shin Hye tweeted this photo with Kim Ji Hoon on December 18 saying, “That’s right. 1 plus one isn’t cute, it’s 2. Oh man‘¦ ã… ã… .‘ She hilarious later added, "I am a woman who knows how to add." Wearing reindeer antlers together, Park Shin Hye took a photo with her pal, Kim Ji Hoon. Park Shin Hye certainly makes for a cute reindeer!Actress Kim So Hyun tweeted on December 18, “At the Tower press conference I saw some familiar faces!!!~^^ ’I Miss You’s Detective Joo~ Oh Jeong Se senior!~^^‘Adorable Kim So Hyun met up with actor Oh Jeong Se, otherwise known as Luxury Detective Joo in MBC’s I Miss You.Sulli of f(x) wrote on her me2day on December 18, “I have blue eyes too.‘ Wearing a tie-dye shirt, Sulli covered her eyes with her bangs and had placed two eyeball-shaped hair pins on them to give her a frightful look.Is this a new trend in the making?

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